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Lyrics: Relax by Acharaman

Song written by Acharaman in 2004

Acharaman lights camera action.
This is Pentouch production. Ohwu oh oh oh oh.

Naija Relax- Ihe galafutawa afutawa.
LA.   Relax- Ihe galafutawa afutawa.
Coal city Relax- Ihe galafutawa afutawa.
You never even see anything.
Gina akpokisi.

PH.   Relax-  Ihe galafutawa afutawa.
Abj.  Relax-Ihe galafutawa afutawa.
J’town Relax- Ihe galafutawa afutawa.
You never even see anything ginapkokisi.

Give me the mic make I burst mehn mehn.
Ihe galafutawa afutawa de worry una brain.
Ndewo’nu udo diri nwata na okenye.
Ndi buru ebu ndi bara aba na ndi ogbenye.
So many story de wey I go tell.
Chineke nara otito maka pepe don jail.
Adi’m slim ebugh’m ka Rick Ross.
But I de yarn kasala when kasala burst.
Of cause make you see me as your big bros.
Am getting more paid nwanne no more loss.
Abata hula’m with a brand new skill.
Everywhere I go dem say I de keep am real.
Because I de drop waiting ma people de feel.
247 I am lyrically ill. (Yeap)
I said it before I’m a singer and a rapper.
When I grab the mic ndi madu ebido kuwa aka.
Only because I change nothing to something.
with de kinda flows wey the keep ma people company.
My one blow go give you 7 akpus.
You feel that? Adi’m very very wonderful.

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Come on lemme take you no a ride.
If you never know Mbaise gat a lot of pride,
Country5 is de place to be.
People de hail us and dose in overseas.
We representing.
Make you stop de shouting.
Ihe galafutawa afutawa we go show you some thing.
Its ok throw your hands in the air.
Wave your five fingers like you just don’t care.
Abu’m nwafor.
Eji’m ogu na ofor.
Mbaise ma home town ebe’m si bia.
So proud to be eee
there is so much love in the land were I come from.

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We are getting higher.
And we no go retire.
If u really de admire.
Holla country5 let’s go…
County5 heay!!!4x

Bros owu ndi ma ihe ana eme.
Country5 ndi nwe nku ana epe.
Ahiazu, Aboh, na Ezinaihitte,
Mbaise nwe madu no ebea na igwe.
Owu anyi bata mgbada agbawa oso.
Maka anyi nwere eze nwe kwa ndi nze na ozo.
Listen!!!! Onwe usu nwere onu.
Gi sin a m tuga asi je jukwa Peter Oun.
Ise no mma ekwe oyoyo.
Gi jee na nkwobi anyi  ga eri ogwun gwo.
Money de anyi ga apiakwa activity.
Ejim the ability.
Ya na the credibility.
And our identity.
Bukwa originality.
We de fearless anyi amaghi ihe bu anxiety.
Now let’s go let’s everybody to the club.
Its time to have fun and show my people some love.
Bar man nye onye obula champagne.
Ihe abugh politics so no campaign.
Owowo anyi gala no na genesis.
When we get there, we go sakata the premises.

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